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If you are thinking of taking out a GAP insurance product then we've managed to secure a great deal on already heavily discounted insurance policies taken out through ALA.<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">
<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">All Club members will receive a 5% discounttoo - just follow the link below:<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">
<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;"> use code:forum123<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">
<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">Have you thought about gap insurance?<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;"><div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">From the moment you drive your car away from the dealer forecourt its value automatically depreciates. This depreciation will increase drastically over the course of you owning that car.<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">You may not be aware but should the worst happen and your vehicle is stolen or is involved in an accident where it is damaged beyond repair, even if you have fully comprehensive insurance, you will only receive the current market value as a payout from that insurer.<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">
<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">This could result in a shortfall of up to two-thirds of the value of the vehicle in as little as 3 years. Crucially a motor insurance company may not pay enough to settle the outstanding finance on the vehicle.<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">
<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">By purchasing GAP insurance this shortfall can be prevented. A GAP policy covers the difference in price between the initial price paid for a car and the market value payout by your comprehensive insurance company. It therefore ensures that you don't suffer the financial loss otherwise associated with the loss of your car through theft or irreparable damage.<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">
<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">Are you thinking this will never happen to you?.........<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;"><ul>[*]UK Car Crime is a third of all crime[*]A vehicle is stolen every minute, 33% of these are never recovered[*]Cars depreciate by up to 77% over a 3 year period[*]Motor insurance settlements are always less than the price you pay for your car[*]When a write off occurs you lose out and have to raise the funds for any short fall[*]Write offs occur all too often; protect yourself![/list]Why ALA?<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">Market Value ClauseMake sure there isn't one! This clause means that the GAP company will only pay from the Glass's Guide Retail value. If your Comprehensive Insurer settles for less, you could well end up with a shortfall.ALAdoes not have one.
Maximum Value ClauseYou don't want one of these either! This means that the value of your car is typically capped at 105% of Glass's Guide Retail value. If you have added some extras, which is very common, these extras may not be covered under your GAP policy.ALAdoes not have one.
Free TransferOf any unused premium and FREE policy amendments.ALA offers this.
Claim PeriodIf you have ever suffered a Total Loss Claim, you will know the level of stress it can cause, you may even forget to contact the GAP Insurer straight away. The better policies will give you 120 days to make a claim, lesser policies limit this to 30 days.ALAoffers 120 days.
UK Registered InsurersBuying from a UK insurer means that it is directly authorised and regulated by the FSA, which in turn offers you policy protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, will give you the security you need. Other GAP providers use off-shore insurers, who, although licensed to sell GAP Insurance in the UK, ultimately can step away from their obligations without redress.ALAare UK registered.
Extra features now available - all with our exclusive benefit!(Only when purchased with GAP)
<div style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">Alloy Wheel Insurance<div style="font-weight: bold;">ALA Alloy Wheel insurance covers your car's Alloy Wheels for the repair of light, accidental damage.Policies are available for up to 3 years with the ability to make up to 3 claims per years over the course of the policy.Tyre Insurance<div style="font-weight: bold;">ALA Tyre Insurance repairs or replaces the tyres on your car, light van or motorcycle when damaged either accidentally or maliciously. Cover can be purchased for up to 3 years with up to 5 claims over the course of the policy.<div style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;"><div style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">Scratch and Dent Insurance<div style="font-weight: bold;">ALA Scratch and Dent insurance covers the cost of minor body damage to your car, occurring within the geographical limits of the UK.Policies are available for up to 3 years with the ability to make up to 3 claims per years over the course of the policy.
Unsure about ALA?I've had a lot of people ask if this cover is as good as their dealers and if so why is it so cheap. Well to put it bluntly - your dealer is making a lot of money off this product! GAP insurance from ALA is as good as or exceeds many products that your dealer offers. If you want to read up a little more - here is an article from Honest John: life testimonialfrom a customer who made a GAP Insurance claim with ALA Insurance Brokers:

“ALA with my loss were great on the phone and within 3 weeks of notifying them I had a cheque in the post, so I would recommend that you use ALA Insurance Brokers"
Graham Jones
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Keep meaning to thank you for this - saved a fortune compared to the Lexus dealers offering!

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Yes so did we, half the price in fact. Thanks for this Dan.
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This saved us a fortune, thank you so much for this.
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Thanks for this. Managed to stop our pushy salesman from getting any further commission from us by knocking him back!
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Originally Posted by Sam View Post
Thanks for this. Managed to stop our pushy salesman from getting any further commission from us by knocking him back!
I agree, huge saving. Same with the paint work preparation - never take this from the dealer either!
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Great discount thanks.

What about paint protection treatment? Is that another rip off from the dealer or worth going for?
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